I understand how challenging it can be to remain clear and authentic about your goals and yourself as you try to navigate your life. Responsibilities, set-backs, and the demands of an adult life can overshadow your understanding of the present and cloud your vision for the future. Our very human nature creates blind spots to options and solutions.

As your personal transformational coach I can support you as you explore where you are now, guide you in clarifying where you want to be, assist you in setting up a timeline, and support your efforts to attain your goal in a nonjudgmental manner. My methods can also offer you a blend of Eastern philosophy and energetic healing that is anchored in a conventional coaching structure.

I will guide our 60 to 90 minute sessions by asking questions that are designed to assist you in gaining insight, clarity and raising awareness. My approach to coaching is to view you as whole, competent and capable. My goal is to empower you to access your own innate knowing and personal wisdom. You are free to accept or decline whatever guidance is suggested.

The benefits of transformational coaching are all predicated on how willing you are to work to attain the life you envision. The rewards can include:

  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Increasing focus, confidence & self-esteem.
  • Increasing effectiveness and productivity.
  • Working through perceived obstacles and limitations.
  • Enjoying a greater sense of balance, harmony & contentment.