Most Popular Speaking Topics/Keynote Presentations

Addressing Bullying and Incivility in Nursing & Healthcare: Bringing Shadow Behavior Into the Light of Day

-Understanding the personality of a bully and what drives their behavior can empower you and your staff to take clear action on addressing this issue.
-Create awareness and insight into the personality of a bully
-Demonstrate a greater understanding of why bullying occurs
-Describe the subtle distinctions between incivility and bullying behavior
-Discuss the collaboration needed between leadership, labor and human resources to create a zero tolerance for an incivility/bullying culture
-Discuss an approach to managing incivility and bullying based in the principles of emotional intelligence

Sustaining the Joy of Being a Nurse (or Professional Caregiver

-Identify the characteristics of an individual at risk for losing the joy in practicing nursing/professional caregiving
-Define Compassion Fatigue and identify 3 ways to regain perspective and insight
-Identify the 5 key features of transformational leader ship needed for a sustainable joyful future


Introduction to the Ancient Art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the understanding of the Energetic Vibration of Universal Chi . This ancient Art of adjusting spaces to create balance and harmonious environments teaches us to see the interconnectedness of all things & honor the power of intention. This is the perfect introduction for individuals with no knowledge of Feng Shui.

Topics covered include:

-Understanding the flow of Chi & the use of color
-Understanding Clutter & its effects on your well being
-Honor the 5 Elements
-Key adjustment elements for every room of your home

Creating a Supportive Workspace

-Key adjustment elements for your workplace
-Key adjusts for jump starting or supporting your career

Feng Shui Design for Assisted Living & Long Term Care Residences

-Fundamental approaches of Feng Shui applied to residential/communal living focused on supporting elders in their golden years

Introducing Energetic Healing into a Your Pain Management Programs

-Understanding the value of meditation, Reiki, Bach Remedies, Tuning folks and other Complimentary Therapeutic Approaches can enhance a non-pharmacological pain management program

Understanding Your Chakra Energy Centers: Feng Shui Adjustments from the Inside Out

-Our Aura consists of seven major layers each powered by one of the corresponding seven major energy centers known as the Chakras. When our Chakras are dysfunctional or “blocked”, a wide range of mental, emotional, and physical conditions can present. Maintaining a healthy, balanced Chakra System can result in sustaining a bright, vibrant Aura fully capable of enhancing your perception and achieving harmony while protecting you from harm.

Stress Management at the Workplace

-Meditation Basics
-Caring for the Professional Caregiver
-Team Building

Caregiver Support

-Caring for the Professional Caregiver
-Caring for the Family Caregiver

Legal Expert

-Documentation Fundamentals
-Avoiding Legal Landmines
-Policy and Procedure Development with Risk Management in Mind



Clinical Topics

-Clinical Updates in Emergency Nursing
-Clinical Issues in Long Term Care/Subacute Care Nursing
-Clinical Updates in Critical Care Nursing

Each of these programs can be customized and presented as a 2-3 hour program, half-day program, full-day program, or program series.

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